We are building a mini-probe in a 33cl can that ejects two smaller probes and maintains a radio link with them during the flight

Follow our progress in the CanSat project and learn more about the competition, our team and our project trough the G-Mini website!

Logo Eurocircuits   Our project is supported by Eurocircuit for the production of our Printed Circuit Boards.

About us

G-Mini is the CanSat team from Collège Saint-Pierre Uccle participating in CanSat Belgium 2022. Here is the team working on the project. All masked and respectful of the covid security rules

About CanSat

G-Mini is participating in the 2022 edition of the CanSat Belgium competition. Learn more about the competition and the organizers.

Our project

Discover our project: learn more about the specifics of the primary mission as well as the subject of our secondary mission.


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